Perception is a harsh reality of life and despite the FCA study showing insurers actually improving in some customer ratings in Feb 2020 over 2017 there are still significant cases of dissatisfaction. There is no time when a customer rates an insurer or broker more than when making a claim. 

That's when perception can overturn the overall performance particularly when its emotional and a result of lockdowns, cancellations or business interruption.

Take this response:

"A claim on airline and business travel insurance as a result of cancelled business trips... it has been appallingly handled"     Male 55-64

Financial Lives 2020 survey: the impact of coronavirus

We came to the rescue of two major global insurers and one leading UK carrier held hostage by recalcitrant core claims systems that could not cope with the surge in travel cancellation claims. 

We also arrived like the cavalry for two insurers suffering when Business Interruption claims surged as a result of lockdowns. And its not only those perils; 360SiteView is a claims management platform that frees carriers from the costs and inflexibility of core software. Whatever the peril, whatever the country, personal lines or commercial, large corporate or SME the one claims platform delivers end-to-end digital claims management.

Travel will be as digital and innovative as auto; business interruption as home and contents; pet as digital as warranty.

Act strategically to transform all claims categories to differentiate yourselves from other carriers, brokers, MGAs and claims management companies. Helped by 360SiteView being No-Code which means that it can be configured by business people and you do not have to wait for developers

360SiteView Digital Claims/Event Management Platform

  • This technology manages any claim type (or event), of any complexity, in any geography, from reporting to settlement, completely online via any device, agnostic of operating system
  • It is designed to provide the maximum automation of tasks and the orchestration and direction of the parties providing service to the end user customer
  • It is architected in no-code meaning workflow and process is designed, built and implemented at the desktop in plain English/German and any language with no programming knowledge required
  • Multi-lingual, new languages can be added within a 48hr timescale. Currently translated into Spanish, German, French, Japanese
  • Cloud-hosted in territory with AWS, all infrastructure, security, and governance included
  • 360SiteView comes equipped with an array of self-configurable capability to include
  • The ability to manage and control all parties to an event (you can determine the workflow and process for suppliers, not just internally and the customer interaction)
  • The requesting and management of any type of documentation, imagery, video, dashcam, CCTV etc.
  • Embedded live streaming HD video capability to go live from the desktop to any person, expert, asset, or site anywhere
  • The ability to interrogate uploaded documents, forms, email and turn the content into analysable data
  • This capability is also a Fraud Detection system
  • Bodily injury profiling, reserving accuracy and settlement efficiency
  • Legal market profiling

Strategic Objective

  • The technology is designed to put you in control, to see every claim/event in data, visually or both.
  • To modernise and improve customer service via a rapid and responsive online service powering the customer interaction, your internal workforce, your entire supply chain
  • Cut operational expenses by leveraging the maximum automation of task and connecting everyone in a process
  • Provide exponentially increased IT capability, but at lower cost – workflow and process built at the desktop by business people

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PS: The FCA study deserves careful reading and can be accessed here.