The global pandemic changed everyone's course in 2020; some a little, others a lot. The insurance industry was affected in both positive and negative ways. With global premiums set to rebound, insurers are looking at technology plans for 2021.  

Celent Jan 2021

We are proud to be helping household name insurers and brokers from Australia to the USA, not forgetting the UK and mainland Europe of course, to deploy the critical success factor priorities identified by Celent .

It greatly helps when the technology is an enabler of these critical success factors. 

However disruptive and game changing the end result the CTO/CIO must be able to prove from small first steps and teams, iterate test and constantly improve, prove the KPI metrics and scale up fast.  Not be afraid of failure whilst being able to overcome and correct misalignment by applying learnt lessons fast.

The advent of no-code platforms is an enabler for this. 360SiteView has proved itself an exemplar example of such technology. They help the CTO/CIO keep the leadership up & down and across the organisation in step for successful disruption without too much turmoil.

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