It is not ‘feasible’ or ‘reasonable’ to expect brokers to have in-house capability for a myriad of value-added services, says broking chief executive.

Nic Brown, UK Director Sales & Marketing at Markel, described the ecosystem model as a “virtuous circle”.

He continued: “This ecosystem is faceted, whether that’s around tax and revenue, whether it’s about legal support and advice, or insurance and risk management, it’s a virtuous circle rather than looking at it through one lens.”

Therefore, brokers that seek to create an ecosystem can then benefit by using these partnerships to broaden their proposition and services to clients thanks to value-added options outside of the insurance sphere – this, in turn, can boost the broker-client relationship and client retention if the broker can showcase expertise and contacts across a range of key business concerns.

Katie Scott Insurance Times Nov 30th 2020

360SiteView delivers the insurance platform to choreograph and orchestrate such ecosystems in a virtuous circle.

With a single digital record, redacted where necessary of course,  so all parties work from one version of the truth which is updated in real-time.

This will help transform underwriting and rebroking , all aspects of selling, adjusting and renewing policies and end-to-end claims management when the policyholder really needs help. 

And being No-Code means an end to legacy code, expensive upgrades or being trapped on old versions of insurance software. 

Find out more from our award winning platform deployed by household name insurers  and brokers from Australia to the US. 

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