Britains and Americans love their pets.  Just as well since the bills for looking after our domestic pets can be breathtakingly expensive. 

Incumbent carriers dominate the pet insurance market but Bought by Many in the UK and now Lemonade in the US bring Amazon quality UX and logistics to bear. Customers will expect expect the same of carriers.

Carriers have not been helped by insurance claims management software being expensive and complex plus taking ages to deploy. Probably one reason pet claims are often relegated to postal forms or having to make a phone call. 

When loved pets suffer painful injury and sickness won't the owner expect to register that immediately and 24/7;  and initiate both vet consultations and vet payment online?

And be able to engage with claims handlers at any time they feel the need?

360Globalnet already has the platform delivering the digital convenience expected by customers and vets and the claims operation.

Faster, from any device, triaging pet owner, vet and insurer. Automation and personal service for optimal service.

Hosted on Amazon AWS, no need to change upgrade core systems and PAYGO licensing meaning no Capex.

Carriers can preempt the rush of the dragon and deliver the ultimate customer experience and satisfaction now. 

Why not experience the ultimate digital UX now?

North America?

Asia Pacific?