Worried about the surge in business interruption and travel cancellation claims?

If ever there were a need for digital acceleration now is the time. 

Six insurers across four continents anticipated the surge by implementing and deploying 360Siteview the digital claims platform during April. The no-code software has come into its own both in customised short-term solutions and fast deployment of strategic.

Covid-19 tactical solutions like Travel Portals for digital claims management. 

Strategic deployments when an established customer moved its complete home claims management from its inflexible core platform to next-gen digital claims 360Siteview.

Another combination of tactical and strategic when a household name UK insurer found its core claims management system creaking at the seams with Covid-19 enforced WFH.

Take just seven minutes to see the benefits of 360Siteview for:-

  • The delighted policy holder with NPS from 77 to 95
  • The claims adjuster who is digitally empowered
  • The insurer- collapsing costs and extra efficiency.

You might, of course, worry that this will hit the procurement buffers being imposed i.e. NO CAPEX mandates, orders that major upgrades to core systems are deferred and/or all ;projects must prove short time to value.

No need to worry! 

PAYGO transaction based and subscription licensing means protecting reserves and cash flow

360Siteview easily integrates with legacy systems and platforms like Guidewire and Duck Creek.

Planning, implementation and deployment literally happening in weeks. That is the joy of no-code platforms meaning you can deploy fast without being stuck with a pre-configured system that is not customised to your needs. 

If you do not want to be left behind by other insurers contact: -

Europe:             Mike.Daly@360Globalnet.com

                            +44 (0)7341 971132

APAC:                Daniel.Lukich@360Globalnet.com

US/Canada:      Andrew.Peet@360Globalnet.com

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