Claims teams everywhere are servicing policyholders globally and we have made doing so easier in these challenging times. See how to digitise your claims processing simply and easily using state of the art technology HERE. 

In the last couple of weeks this has helped some of the world's leading insurers to continue to support their customers despite Coronavirus restrictions and the pressures of flight and event cancellations world-wide.

It is not just Autoserve FNOL, it is an end-to-end claims solution to help maintain public trust by delivering the best digital experience for customers and the claims team.

Another key issue facing underwriters, field investigators and fraud teams. How to gain the evidence to pass bona fide claims and identify fraudulent ones when you can longer visit premises?

In the current world if you CAN'T deal face-to-face, in situations when you ideally need to, it pays to have a robust alternative that works seamlessly for both parties.

We’ve used our digital claims platform 360SiteView to create DAVE the Digitally Assisted Visit Experience.for when you need to be there but can't actually BE there.

DAVE offers you:

  • An intuitive interface that gathers comprehensive information and evidence on- or off-line using integrated video technology
  • Real-time collaborative assistance between customers and claims handlers whenever its needed; and
  • Our usual configurable no-code platform to fit DAVE to your bespoke needs!

With DAVE, face-to-face can be virtual!

You can see DAVE in action by watching our introductory video:

To step up to the digital plate find out more and ring Mike Daly on +44 7341 971132 or email