Practical advice in linked article by Rob Markey and Maureen Burns from BCG. 

With claims teams operating in Covid-19 & work-from-home (WFH) mode, what can be done to give time for claims adjusters to still have time for to demonstrate empathy with policyholders? 

And see their employees thinking of them.

Five well-known insurers have seen the current pandemic as the catalyst to ask 360Globalnet to deliver a practical technology solution.

An existing household-name customer, with Pet and Motor Insurance already transformed by us, asked us to migrate their whole Home Claims business to the next-gen claims management platform 360Siteview. We achieved that in six days.

A top-ten insurer with whom we have been engaged for eighteen  months discussing digital transformation saw Covid-19 as both the catalyst and need for urgent action. This week we agreed to migrate its entire Home and Motor insurance to 360Siteview by the end of next week.

Sounds like a daydream? No- a real benefit of an agile, no code platform that can be implemented remotely including training and support. Start with 360Globalnet's off-the-shelf claims templates and, being no code, we soon train you to iterate, innovate and customise UX and claims journeys. 

In the short-term we can also deliver customised solutions. The choice is yours.

We have just deployed a travel claim portal for a global insurer customised to deal with the needs of policyholders and claims staff suffering the pressures of canceled travel plans.

360Siteview is an end-to-end claims management platform from FNOL to settlement that does not require you to throw out your core systems whether 15 years old (or more) or a currently offered inflexible/complex platform. 

It will free up members of call-centres to help deal personally with customers by automating repetitive tasks. Over time you may triple productivity and in the short-term speed up claims management.

Technology plus human intuition combined to deliver the best service to customers, the best claims management tools for claims adjusters and a proven choreography platform to manage the supply chain.

You might feel that this is not a priority right now in which case just review the practical help from BCG below.

If you are concerned by your ability to cope with both Covid-19 and the potential threat from competitors better placed to thrive in disruptive times contact: -