Looking at the five reasons Zoom is conquering the world explains why 360Siteview, our No Code Digital Claims Platform,  has been deployed by Top 10 Insurers from Australia to the USA.  The key benefits?

  1. Make it easy
  2. Make it accessible
  3. Make it affordable
  4. Make it reliable
  5. Make it fun

Easy for insurers and policyholders (PH)

It literally takes less than a day for claims adjusters to use 360Siteview effectively. In six days we transferred the whole Homes Claims business of a household name carrier from an inflexible core system to 360Siteview. They are an existing customer but even so!

This week we are migrating the whole Motor and Homes claims business of a leading UK insurer to 360Siteview in 7 days! And that is a brand new customer.

In Australia a major Travel Insurer will deploy 360Siteview to deal with the surge in claims.

It takes just two days training for business analysts to be able to build, test and deploy new digital workflows, processes to customise and optimise claims journeys and PH experiences.

Accessible to claims team, supply chain and PHs

Policy holders, claims adjusters and the fraud team, supply chain partners- all they need is a browser and IP access. 360Siteview is hosted on Amazon AWS offering secure and performant accessibility from anywhere on any device.

Self-Serve FNOL by the PH by smartphone, tablet, laptop, chromebook with automated straight-through-processing. If the PH needs human contact they can speak directly to the claims adjuster who sees every activity and event time and date stamped. A single digital record for every claim means there is one version of the truth updated in real time. 

The supply chain will be able to see the (redacted) data and insights necessary to inspect, quote, contract and repair/replace losses.

Every participant across the whole claim value chain has easy and secure access.

Make it affordable for carriers, brokers, TPAs.

Even now a quote for modest changes to modern claims platforms can cost $1million plus and a year to deploy. Upgrading from one version to a new release is ruinously expensive in many cases.

As you have read 360 SiteView can be deployed in days. It is licensed with a choice of  transaction and subscription pricing i.e. price per claim which drops as volume increases. Most customers pay NO CAPEX and the licensing costs are recouped in months.

Every customer is on the latest release.

360Siteview is better than affordable- it is incredibly cost-effective.

Make it reliable

With 99.999% uptime and utilizing Amazon's global data centres none of our clients has ever experienced business interruption.

Global household carriers apply the strictest due diligence so you can trust 360Siteview's reliability , performance and robustness.

Make it Fun

Well I never thought about 360Siteview in this context but when you deliver world-class NPS and achieve customer sat scores in the top 90% range we must be there.

Back to this week:

Digitising all home claims for one of the UK’s largest insurers in a week – successfully completed and, in their words: “the 360Globalnet team have been nothing short of amazing as always!”; ·      

Moving all travel claims online in one territory for a global insurer in 48 hours

Building a travel claim portal for a leading global insurer within 72 hours.

We definitely put smiles on people's faces.

And, with Covid-19 as a catalyst, we are the Zoom of the new era of digital claims management platforms.