Could you deploy a modern, no-code Travel Claims Management Platform hosted on AWS in a week? 

Yes- One large insurer has moved its more complex Home Claims business to our native-cloud, Digital Claims Management Platform 360Siteview in just 6 days. With self-serve click a button on its website to automate FNOL and a digitally transformed and end-to-end complete claims process from FNOL through to settlement including supply chain management.

A second UK insurer has just committed to doing the same for all its Motor and Home Claims by the end of this week- yes less than a week! 

So, if your travel insurance claims operation and team is creaking under the Covid-19 strain we can help right now. In the UK and mainland Europe and in North America and Australia/New Zealand.

All hosted on AWS so no need to change core systems and you will be surprised: -

  1. Complex becomes SIMPLE
  2. Slow becomes FAST
  3. Inflexible becomes FLEXIBLE
  4. Expensive becomes LOW COST

Low cost and high value to customers and you. 

Take the first step now and email: -

  • USA/Canada
  • Australia/NZ
  • Europe