It is a conundrum! You want to speed up claims in these difficult times in order to delight customers whilst there is an increasing threat of opportunistic fraud. Some insurers may automatically payout up to certain levels e.g.

  • All Storm Claims under £1,000/$1,200
  • All Travel Claims under £500/$600
  • AD Home Accidental Damage (AD) Claims under £700/$800

Yet even in normal times 360Globalnet has evidence that over 35% of Home AD claims are opportunistic fraud! Why else would 35% of claimants voluntarily withdraw claims when asked to complete an automated, straight-through-processing (STP) self-serve FNOL?

That is from over 1 million home claims processed digitally on the 360Siteview digital claims management platform ( out of a total of 3.5million from Australia to the USA).

The self-serve FNOL process sends a secure SMS and email link to the claimants who enters a brief description of the event from their phone, tablet, laptop . Then another link to add photo images (with all that valuable metadata) and then a short video. All automated with added benefit that the claimant can contact a claims adjuster at any time and both have the latest view of all contact and content exchanged. Automation plus human intuition and empathy when required.

Opportunistic claimants see their "story" unravel before their eyes. Embarrassed, they take up the offer to withdraw the claim. And for the remaining claims?- the claims adjuster can "see" every claim, if suspicious refer to the counter-fraud team and if not send for cash settlement, an Amazon voucher or equivalent, or a one-time virtual credit-card payment. 

Imagine freeing up the home claims team from 35% of the incoming claims? That leaves them better placed to concentrate on the 65% remaining. And spares you paying out on 35% of claims you might have had to reserve for. 

This is not just a short-term answer to help insurers cope with claims whilst teams are displaced by work-at-home  during the covid-19 pandemic. It is an opportunity to release insurers from legacy technology stacks and current yet inflexible monolithic claims PaaS enterprise platforms.

One major insurer asked 360Globalnet to move its whole home claims business from such a well know and complex/inflexible claims platform to the next-gen platform 360Siteview and it will have been completed by Monday 23rd March- after just one week. 

OK- it is a customer for auto and pet insurance and that highlights another advantage. One platform for all claims categories and perils each one customised for each claims journey. Yes- optimised and customised. 360Siteview is a No Code platform which means that the insurer can iterate, innovate and constantly improve creating its own IPR and competitive advantage.

You might think this involves high capital expenditure and challenging implementation costs. Relax- transaction based and subscription licensing with little or no capital costs involved and guaranteed returns in investment in a short period.

360Globalnet has gone from a planning meeting to deployment in six weeks or less when the insurers procurement and compliance processes are up to the challenge.

Out of adversity comes opportunity:

  • Complex becomes SIMPLE
  • Inflexible becomes FLEXIBLE
  • Slow becomes FAST
  • Expensive becomes LOW COST
  • Faltering NPS becomes HIGHER NPS

As insurers look into the Corona abyss and earnestly try to address the issues facing them, how many will look back and wonder why on earth they tied themselves in a Gordian knot to their current claims IT mast?

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I am a director at 360Globalnet.