As businesses face the threat of call centres and entire business floors being closed as a result of coronavirus they may also look at the inefficiencies of current arrangements. 

"Big British and American firms pay on average $5,000 per employee in annual rental costs. Just 40-50% of desks are actually used during working hours—often not very well. Last year two in five respondents to a survey of 600,000 desk-jockeys by Leesman, a data provider, said their office prevented them from working productively. If their managers now find that productivity does indeed rise—or at least doesn’t dip—as staff self-isolate at home, the case for teleworking may look irresistible."

The Economist 6th March 2020

Insurance Claims Call Centres may allow for working from home but do they support the full spectrum of claims management from FNOL to Settlement including supply chain management? Mostly, the answer is no. 

Claims handlers, the complex claims team, the fraud team, the supply chain management team- they generally do not have secure and ready access to all the information needed to process bona fide claims and reject fraudulent ones.

There is not the communications and orchestration hub to choreograph the activities needed to service a surge on claims. 360Globalnet does have a solution proven from Australia to the US. 

We support dispersed working, including home working, which is more demanding, but necessary in the event of office closures.

360Siteview, the No Code digital claims management platform delivers this answer for unexpected scenarios like the outbreak of coronavirus. It Deployed thus it is an ideal answer to the likely logistical challenges that COVID-19 poses.

You may choose to take actions now as part of your planning for more extreme scenarios - and we can move fast enough for you to do that.

Being No Code and agile means that insurers can anticipate threats like the spread of coronavirus by quickly planning and deploying custom workflows to cater for emergency situations. You avoid the need to wait for an army of developers and analysts to implement fast change. Existing customers have literally built, tested and deployed new processes in hours.

In Florida, anticipating Hurricane Irma a non-customer was able to deploy a digital claims management solution to anticipate the hurricane in just two weeks.

To anticipate disruption from COVID-19 360Globalnet's support team will ensure fast and effective deployment and train the small number of claims handlers/business analysts to extend innovation and transformation.

From solving short term logistical claims threats this gives you the chance to transforming the whole of claims- all categories and all perils. The end results are greater efficiency and effectiveness whilst at the same time cutting costs. And most importantly making customers happy. 360Siteview delivers higher NPS scores.

The ability to customize workflows and processes from FNOL to settlement extends to the whole claims operation. All without having to change core systems. You might think this will incur major CAPEX and OPEX.

Far from it- pay-as-you go licensing combined with being cloud hosted on Amazon AWS.  Add in major reduction in cost of claims and OPEX which have been proven in the first few months of deploying 360Siteview.

Turn adversity into opportunity by overcoming short-term issues and at the same time taking the first steps to a fully transformed digital claims business.

Email Mike.Daly@360Globalnet to take the first step.