Automation and straight-through-processing (STP) are high in an insurers digital transformation priorities but wise to take heed of LexisNexis extensive research . "The Future of Claims" shows: -

" While consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z, increasingly demand self-service and digital access, there are times their biggest desire is actually human touch."

Bill Brower VP  LexisNexis Risk Solutions goes on to say: -

"More than half of consumers (52%) say they believe interaction with a live person is critical during the process of submitting the first notice of loss (FNOL) because they complain that self-service FNOL processes ask too many questions, whereas only 21% think a live person is helpful during the estimate submission phase. Talking to an actual person on the phone enables the representative to express empathy, which creates a closer customer touch and has proven to positively impact customer satisfaction. Automation can help insurers deliver this human interaction identifying when that appropriate time is in the claims process."

360Siteview delivers the optimal mix of automation and human empathy so important for policyholders (PH).

Self-Service FNOL from the insurer's website or mobile app autofills the claims saving the PH time and effort. The  conditional branching predicates the next workflow steps and keeps questions asked to a minimum and relevant to the specific claim. Again, keeping the process simple yet ensuring accuracy.

If the PH does want to talk to a claims handler both the handler and the PH are on the same (digital) page. No need to ask the PH unnecessary questions. So they get straight to the heart of the matter so that the claims handler can deal with the issue and the PH be delighted.

With 360Siteview the insurer can automate damage assessment with services like Audatex Gold integrated as a seamless UX for PH and claims handler. And once repair is authorised the orchestration/triage capabilities of 360Siteview means that the insurer can choreograph appointments with the repair network and bring increased efficiencies and effectiveness to the supply chain.

In fact insurers can customise the whole claims value chain from FNOL to cash settlement or vehicle back on road by leveraging the no code benefits of 360Siteview. This means you, the business user can innovate, transform and constantly improve all aspects of auto claims management. You are not beholden to the vendor and do not suffer extra costs and time delays associated with monolithic claims PaaS "solutions".

 And, because not every claimant is bona fide and honest, there is an effective fraud detection solution not to mention a personal injury solution to avoid the dangers of under-reserving.

The new face of digital claims management is proven and deployed from Australia to the United States. And in UK and Europe of course. To see 360Siteview in action click here.

To receive a copy of the KPI improvements you can expect drop me an email at Mike.Daly@360Globalnet. 

Delight customers, collapse costs and keep the claims team highly motivated. 

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In each situation, current and future, 360Siteview will underpin the digital claims management transformation strategies you plan.