360Siteview is the digital claims management platform that will help insurers reduce cost of claims, OPEX whilst also increasing customer satisfaction.

Whether insurers are held back by legacy core systems or modern Digital PAS Monoliths 360Globalnet has a proven solution that does not require you throwing out the technology you have invested such a lot in. 

Insurers from Australia to the USA, not to mention Europe have proven the scalability, security and reliability of Amazon AWS hosted 360Siteview. And the speed to market to:-

  • Delight customers
  • Collapse Costs
  • Motivate and empower the Claims Team

Not only that; being a No Code platform means that the Claims Team can customise and digitally workflows, processes and customer UX. In plain English or native language from their workstation.

Combining a focus on the customer with their practical experience to build competitive advantage and IPR. For an insurer with 100,000 claims a year just two trained staff will let you innovate, iterate and stay ahead of competitors and disrupters. Better still he training takes just days and not months.

  • From FNOL 
  • through claims management
  • to automating total loss or repair costs assessment
  • to orchestrating the repair network, credit hire etc
  • or cash settlement

360Siteview is an end-to-end claims management platform that integrates with core systems and best of breed software that you want to leverage.

That lets insurers plan and implement an overarching claims strategy to be a market leader.

And with the same claims management platform you can transform: -

  • Home and Property
  • Pet
  • Travel
  • Warranty
  • Speciality
  • Life and Employee Benefits
  • Commercial
  • In local language and meeting local requirements

You might think this involves £/$ millions or even tens of millions and the usual long lead-times. 

No- just a transaction based licensing model, or subscription of you prefer with no CAPEX.

And some insurers have deployed the initial transformation within weeks and expanded over the whole team and book within 12 months

Find out how you could transform claims and avoid the issues Moody's raise by emailing