Oxbow Partners shows how insurers can escape the equivalent of trying to run through the swamp of Digital PAS Monoliths i.e. held back from fast progress and innovation.

"In the last 10 to 15 years full stack PAS vendors, such as Guidewire, Duck Creek and Sapiens, have dominated the insurance technology market. These types of vendor promise to meet the full range of insurance technology needs but sometimes struggle to deliver new requirements. Updating them often requires significant effort and investment and they are not built to easily integrate with emerging service providers."

Oxbow describes the hybrid and full technology ecosystem models that 360Globalnet has deployed. 

360Globalnet was one of Oxbow's 2018 class from Insurtech Impact 25. We are proud to have achieved the maturity status Oxbow identifies as necessary to deliver enterprise strength "Claims Automation and Management "

Whether held back by fifteen year old legacy systems or the modern PAS platforms that are complex, time consuming and costly to upgrade.

The unique advantage 360Globalnet offers is to transform the whole claims value chain. 

Not just FNOL and automated claims workflow but also: -

  • Digital loss/damage assessment
  • Scoping repair time and cost 
  • Fraud prevention
  • Personal Injury Analyser and management
  • Orchestration of supply chain & repair network
  • Settlement

For the first time insurers can plan and implement an overarching innovation and transformative strategy for all classes of insurance- not just motor and home.

Insurers will enjoy the benefits of a no-code platform. In other words customise customer experience and journey to create competitive advantage and innovative IPR.

Trusted and scalable in large to small insurers from Australia through Europe to the USA and Canada.

The impact is enormous- improving customer satisfaction, reducing cost of claims and Opex and enhancing the roles and job satisfaction of the claims team. All in parallel. 

Why not find out the impact we can make from reducing Claims IT spend by up to 75% to reducing Opex by 45%. With overall NPS over 77% across all insurance classes and into the 80% to 90% range for in Pet Insurance. 

Drop me a line to Mike.Daly@360Globalnet.com to find out more