After London and various US cities 360Globalnet hosted its first Digital Claims conference in Australia. Daniel Lukich, Business Development Director APAC, hosted insurers at the Ovolo Woolloomooloo Hotel in Sydney. 

 Arthur J Gallagher’s Adam Squire and AMA’s Mike Beuermann shared with us their personal experience in transitioning into digitisation and the tangible benefits already being realised in their operations.  The audience also greatly appreciated KPMG’s Tim Thomas and BCG’s Brad Noakes insights into the urgent need for insurers to embrace digitisation within their customer engagement and claims processing strategies and certainly emphasised the ultimate costs and risks of not doing so. 

One of many key questions tackled was "How does an insurer escape the limitations of ageing core systems without crippling costs and lengthy re-platforming projects?"

360Siteview was designed to solve that issue and has already processed over 3.6 million claims digitally for global insurers.  Digital claims functionality includes :- 

  • Totally client configurable
  • Business users themselves design, build and publish all processes in native language
  • Iterative development for constant improvement
  • Ability to “see every claim” with embedded video/imagery support
  • Cloud hosted one current version for all customers
  • One technology power complete insurance ecosystem
  • Choreograph all parties-insurer/brokers/agents/supply chain/third parties
  • Integrated with core systems
  • Future proofed with API architecture to connect best of breed future apps

Our founder and CEO Paul Stanley pictured legacy systems as like inflexible Motorways with limited entry/exit points whereas 360Siteview lets insurers go "Off Road" to embrace any digital landscape quickly.

Insurers  can deliver delightful customer experience, customise journeys for every product and peril from simple AD claims to complex disaster recovery and repair. 

You can move over core functions at any time of your choosing whilst deploying digitally transformed claims in months. 

Read SMA's 2019 report "CLAIMS AND RISK MANAGEMENT IN THE DIGITAL WORLD- A Next-Gen Platform" Click here to download. 

Daniel Lukich always happy to match the digital platform against your strategy and requirements; email him on