“The carriers look at their data as their corporate jewels, even though most of them are not taking advantage of that data because they don’t have the infrastructure in place" 

Michael Connor, chief executive officer of the Insurance Accelerator

How do you access these disparate and multiple data sources?

The combination of 360Retrieve and 360Siteview is the answer.

360Retrieve has been used by a diverse range of users from Police Forces to HMRC to access, join and analyse: -

  • Unstructured Data
  • Semi-structured Data
  • Structured Data

Text, metadata, annotated documents, dashcam, voice, you name it. All in a single digital record for each claim that means adjusters/claim handlers and the supply chain have all the information to settle claims accurately and faster.

360Retrieve offers Fraud Solutions and recently we launched the Personal Injury Analyser. At the core is this ability to analyse all the internal and external data necessary to make the best decisions. Combining the best of technology with human expertise and empathy for customer satisfaction and efficiency/effectiveness.

360Retrieve is a solution in its own right. When combined with the Digital Claims Platform 360Siteview it offers insurers the solution they seek to compete with full-stack insurtechs like "Lemonade" and "Bought by Many".

All without having to replace today's old and newer but complex core systems.

, said "Most people are willing to share information, in an anonymous way, if it can be put to good use."

Connor raises another issue- 

I"f you cannot change your infrastructure, whether ancient legacy or new but still inflexible and complex platforms, how can you leverage Digital Data- the secret sauce of success?"

360Globalnet  for one offers the answer to that conundrum and having processed over 3.5 million claims digitally can prove it. Test us- contact Mike.Daly@360Globalnet.com 

Who owns the data?

This is a pressing question- recently Google and the Britain's National Health Service (NHS) got into trouble in the UK applying AI to anonymised data from patients. They had never obtained permission from patients for the data to be used in that way. This is a central plank of GDPR which, whilst an EU Data Directive, applies to any global enterprise dealing with EU.

THis is a barrier to widespread use of data so make sure that when you collect data that the providers of such data have given tacit permission for it to be used in the way you plan.

A digital claims platform will include in its process the workflow to ensure the data collected from customers is usable in settling claims, analytics and BI. That still leaves a grey area for data from external sources so make sure you have specific permission from the customer if you leverage social media feeds and third party applications.

Ask us to prove it in a Proof of Concept which we can deliver with all the metrics in a matter of months. Don't be left behind- 

contact Mike.Daly@360Globalnet.com